Youth Support and Development Programme

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The key focus for our Youth Support and Development Programme is to encourage youth to embrace their individual talents, whether it is music, sport or academics and supporting them to make positive choices in life.

The programmes are focused at providing positive experiences and opportunities for youth, in particularly the “boy-child” to assist them with becoming self-sufficient constructive members of society, steering them away from a life of being idle and all that an idle life can encompass.

Outreach Projects

UMaY participates in education and awareness seminars at schools, colleges and universities throughout urban and rural Kenya.  Topics include HIV/AIDS, governance, youth issues and many other related topics.

Assisted-Sponsorship Education

UMaY acknowledges the importance of integrating Kenya’s underprivileged youth into the private school system, to empower the youth in the slums to make long-term sustainable change.

UMaY works with private schools which generously provide partial scholarship placements including boarding costs, while UMaY ensures the youth selected for the programme are counseled and well-prepared for the experience and supported throughout.