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Uplifting Men and Youth in Africa, commonly known as UMaY Africa, is an international non-government organisation (non-profit), which was formally registered in Kenya in December 2009 under registration number OP.218/051/2009/0421/5988.

We have developed a structure, unique in Kenya, whereby a mixture of professionals share the governance and decision-making powers of UMaY with the people who face the challenges we are working to resolve. These people include economists, health specialists, legal and governance specialists in addition to community representatives from informal settlements such as elders, coordinators of grass-root community based organisations and youth leaders.

It is this unique structure that ensures UMaY delivers its promise to our clients to use resources in a responsible, sustainable, accountable and transparent means.

Maternal and Infant Health Care Programme – “First Step Kenya”

Founded by Amanda Donahue, a long term volunteer of UMaY, the First Step Maternal and Infant Health Care Programme worked to reduced mother and infant mortality rates in line with the 2015 Millennium Development Goals.

According to the recent Maternal, Newborn and Child Survival report, published in March 2012 by Countdown to 2015, Kenya has yet to make significant improvement when it comes to the health and safety of mothers and children under the age of five.

Ensuring safe motherhood requires recognizing and supporting the rights of women and girls to lead healthy lives and raising awareness of complications associated with pregnancy and childbirth, providing access to high quality health services and eliminating harmful practices.


Operated out of three centers in some of Nairobi’s poorest slums including Mathare and Korogocho, the programme registered women who believe they may be pregnant, provided pregnancy and HIV testing, allocated a ‘Mother’s Helper’ for the duration of the pregnancy and provided training and an essential emergency home birthing kit for those mothers who either choose not to or couldn’t get to a clinic and well as an infant care pack.  The newborn infant and mother received daily home visits for the first week and continue to received support, including voluntary immunizations, until the infant and mother graduated from the programme when the child celebrates its first birthday.

MAKWK Health Clinic

UMaY formed a partnership with MAKWAK Health Clinic in Korogocho to provide low-cost community health programmes.  The not-for-profit clinic was originally founded by over 100 volunteers from the Korogocho and surrounding community and provides essential health care to those who cannot afford to travel to a public hospital or the hospital charges.   UMaY is assisted with expanding the existing medical services and facilities and international volunteers working with UMaY were placed at the clinic to assist the volunteer staff and to provide basic services and support to the patients.

Supporting Youth with Disabilities

Through our partnership with a local support group Disability Focus Africa – Kenya, UMaY facilitated free physiotherapy and counseling sessions twice weekly for youth with physical and mental disabilities.  Training was also provided to the parents/caregivers, teaching them the skills needed to support disabled youth.

Community Education

UMaY formed partnerships with not-for-profit community based schools to provide primary level education to vulnerable youth who cannot get a place in a government school and whom cannot afford private schooling.  UMaY also assisted with upgrading the schools and providing the equipment and learning materials that are desperately needed.
Adam Kane Sargeant – Chairman of the Board

Our Vision

To assist in the development of a society that fosters unity and cohesion, irrespective of gender, race, tribe, or HIV status, where communities develop and manage their own sustainable initiatives.


UMaY takes an active stance against corruption and is proudly a member of the United Nations Convention Against Corruption (UNCAC) Coalition.


At the helm of UMaY Africa is a governing Board, which is guided by a Steering Committee and supported by Advisory Panels of volunteer experts for each of the programme streams.

To ensure UMaY’s integrity is upheld to the highest standards and that our projects are sustainable and successful, UMaY’s Board works closely with it’s unique Steering Committee.  Our approach to the committee composition combines diverse professionals with community representatives and elders from the informal settlements.  This results in each decision being made with thorough debate, considering expert legal and financial advice together with appropriate research and evidence of personal experiences.


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