1. Youth Support and Development Program

This is UMAY’s keystone program of which we are proud to have many success stories!


The key focus for our Youth Support and Development Program is to encourage youth to embrace their individual talents, whether it is music, sport or academics and supporting them to make positive choices in life.


The programs are focused at providing positive experiences and opportunities for youth, in particularly the often neglected “boy-child”, to assist them with becoming self-sufficient constructive members of society, steering them away from a life of being idle and all that an idle life can encompass.

In 2017 UMAY AFRICA partnered with Bidi Badu in Diani on Kenya’s South Coast and the four passionate brothers that have selflessly helped transform the lives of many youth.


The strategy used for our coastal projects has been to identify youth, often so called ‘beach boys’, that show enthusiasm to work hard and transform their lives, and provide them with training, mentorship and the physical premises and equipment required to start their own small businesses.


A key success has been several clothing stores that youth have set up on the site of the renowned Bidi Badu Restaurant and Bar on Diani’s beach, which attracts hundreds of tourists each week. With the right support and guidance, these businesses have flourished and the once impoverished youth are now supporting entire family networks and opening up other businesses themselves, employing other youth!

UMAY partnership with Bidi Badu extends beyond the establishment of income generating activities for youth. In 2017 two concerts were held bringing in widely acclaimed artists to perform alongside aspiring coastal artists. In 2018 a large charity concert in currently being arranged to expand this platform, hosting international and Kenyan’s artists to raise awareness of the importance of our Youth Support and Development Program.

Bidi Badu Partnership – Uplifting Youth Along Kenya’s Coast

Outreach Projects


UMAY participates in education and awareness seminars at schools, colleges and universities throughout urban and rural Kenya. 


Topics include HIV/AIDS, governance, youth issues and many other related topics.

UMAY acknowledges the importance of integrating Kenya’s underprivileged youth into the private school system, to empower the youth in the slums to make long-term sustainable change. 


UMAY works with private schools which generously provide partial scholarship placements including boarding costs, while UMAY ensures the youth selected for the program are counseled and well-prepared for the experience and supported throughout.

In 2018 alone we have assisted 54 new students begin secondary school through our program.

Assisted Sponsorship Education

All Saints Scholarship Students - 2018.J
All Saints Scholarship Students - 2010.j

UMAY Africa has a proud history of working with All Saints Academy which has generously provided scholarships to UMAY youth for 8 years!

The photo on the left is our intake scholarship students of 2010, whilst the photo on the right is those joining in 2018. Scholarship students from All Saints Academy have gone on to graduate university with Bachelor Degrees and help mentor future youth.