Monitoring and Evaluation

At UMAY, monitoring and evaluation (M&E) is not seen as just an accountability tool but a key component of effective management. Program outputs are not the only ones subjected to close scrutiny. The impacts of these outputs are also assessed to see if or not these outputs are in any way of gain to the targeted beneficiaries of the program. Any valuation results that present unexpected hitches are then assessed with the advisement of experts in the field as required to formulate new strategies. Fortnightly meetings will be he held with involved parties to compare actual outputs and impacts against those proposed in the logical frameworks that have been developed for each program.


Efficient and solid M&E practices are enhanced by the involvement of all parties in the program from targeted groups, program managers and external consultants. Where needed the Steering Committee of UMAY and selected advisory panels convened by the Board are consulted.


Through this all-inclusive approach, UMAY has in the past been able to achieve optimum levels of productivity, accountability and assurances of the sustainability of programs.