UMAY AFRICA is an international non-government organisation (non-profit), passionate about uplifting the youth of Kenya, allowing them the opportunity pursue a positive and productive lifestyle and ultimately a sustainable career pathway. UMAY was formally registered in Kenya in 2009 and has a proud history of delivering its promises.


We have developed a structure, unique in Kenya, whereby a mixture of professionals share the governance and decision-making powers of UMAY with the people who face the challenges we are working to resolve.  These people include economists, health specialists, legal and governance specialists in addition to community representatives from informal settlements such as elders, coordinators of grass-root community based organisations and youth leaders.


It is this unique structure that ensures UMAY delivers its promise to our clients to use resources in a responsible, sustainable, accountable and transparent means.

Who UMAY Supports


The founders of UMAY spent many months researching and interacting with people living in informal settlements (slums) throughout Nairobi and underprivileged people in communities throughout Kenya. 


Following more than seven years of successful pilot projects, UMAY has developed six program streams aimed to support those Kenyans most in need, particularly those who are found to be missing out on vital support from other organisations.


UMAY’s six program streams are:


  1. Youth Support and Development Program

  2. Life Skills Training, Pre-employment and Education Program

  3. Food Security and Agricultural Training Program

  4. Orphans and Vulnerable Children Care and Support Program

  5. Health and Vitality Program

  6. Greening Kenya Environmental Program

Where and How?

Located in Kenya, Korogocho slum is home to approximately 200,000 inhabitants in Nairobi and was selected as our pilot program site in 2009 due to its population suffering from some of the worst living conditions in Kenya and the limited presence of other support organisations. 


Our pilot youth centre was established in Kibera, which is known to be one of the largest slums in Africa and is home to thousands of youth. 


Korogocho will always been known as the birthplace of UMAY, however our programs now operate throughout Kenya, ensuring we target those communities where the need is at its greatest. UMAY is also planning to expand its operations throughout East Africa.


Our programs, customised for each of the target groups, have been developed to ensure sustainability and have incorporated advice and recommendations from the communities we work with. 


These programs are designed to offer a full package of support to ensure, for example, that if a member being assisted to set up an Income Generating Activity (IGA) falls sick, we provide the medical assistance needed to allow the member to continue running their IGA.