5. Health and Vitality Program

UMAY identified a large gap in the development of the individual especially within at risk families and communities. We realised that people with mental health issues are largely ignored by both private and public sector developmental organisations.


Our programs are designed to cater for families living in the slums, which are exposed to a plethora of adverse elements that put them at risk of mental health challenges.


Working with the young people and parents, either in individual sessions, group sessions and workshops, a range of treatment programs will be used with a particular focus on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). This type of treatment is a talking therapy that can help one manage their problems by changing the way one thinks and behaves.


CBT cannot remove problems, but can help manage them in a more positive way. It encourages participants to examine how actions can affect how one thinks and feels. Talking and changing behaviour can change how one thinks (cognitive) and what one does (behaviour). This can make participants feel better about life.