6. Greening Kenya Environmental Program

Over the years, Kenya has lost its forest cover in alarming proportions. Kenya’s forest cover is only 6% against the recommended minimum forest cover 10%. The people of Kenya need to find effective and sustainable ways of reversing this phenomenon.


Children are the future of our nation and we must train them at an early age to conserve, care and protect the environment. We must raise a generation that is environmentally educated and cultivate a culture of protecting and caring for our environment.


This program aims at targeting the young in primary and secondary schools with a view of harnessing their energy towards environmental awareness that places emphasis on environmental protection and education.


The program aims to galvanize this by introducing tree-planting projects where each class plants trees and takes care of them throughout their tenure at the school. This, it is hoped, would inculcate environmental awareness in the future adult and create social change from the grass roots up.