3. Food Security and Agricultural Training Program

Bidi Badu Water Security Project

UMAY’s partnership with Bidi Badu in the South Coast of Kenya has not only established sustainable businesses for youth, but has also identified other key infrastructure that is essential to supporting the wider community, such as establishing a free clean water supply.

The brothers of Bidi Badu have worked with the community surrounding their business and identified the absolute need for clean, safe drinking water to be made available to everyone.

Machakos Sustainable Farming Project

UMAY has identified land in Machakos County which is arable, accessible by road, along electricity and water lines thus making it suitable to start a prototype farm through which farming modern farming methods will be taught to identified farmers in the region. A particular focus will be towards aspiring youth as identified in our Youth, Arts and Culture program.


Machakos is a large county but one which heavily depends on food aid because of a combination of cultural as well as natural elements that do not favour crop production. This is a sad situation as over the years the people in the region have relied on subsistence crop farming for survival. They previously were traders but after colonization they adopted sedentary lifestyles and took to farming.


We have an aim of restoring the glory of Machakos. There is a heavy NGO presence in the area that provides food aid however this creates a culture of dependency reducing the productivity of the people and is not a sustainable practice.


On the UMAY prototype farm, agricultural experts will be invited to conduct courses on animal husbandry, crop rotation among others. Beneficiaries will be exposed to new crops that are hardy and more appropriate for the Machakos landscape and they will be given trainings on how to create unions and cooperatives to shield them from extortion.


Local farmers who are seen to be putting efforts into the ground in vain will be identified and invited to a two-week training camp and when the course is successfully completed will be furnished with basic modern farm implements and seedlings to help them start off their own farms modelled after the UMAY prototype.


Youth Apprenticeships will also be created to ensure the sustainability of our training efforts and to promote long and productive careers in agriculture.